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Edible Pink Organic Rose Petals Cake Decoration (RosPPink)

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Edible Pink Certified Organic Rose Petals (This product is GST free)

Florist flowers cannot be used as cake decorations because they may have been sprayed with chemical insecticides and fungicides. It is much safer to use flowers and petals gathered purely for the purpose of eating and flavouring.

All flowers and petal ornamentation sold by BIOPACKAGING is
  • Insecticide free, suitable for eating
  • Certified Organic
  • can last for a long time if stored in dry, air-tight container
  • can be mixed with our other flower petals for a floral spring bouquet
  • Picture shows a comparison between red (left) and pink (right) rose petals
These petals are very very light weight. 40g is approx equivalent to 2.5cups of petals in volume.