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Edible Organic Hibiscus Flower Rosella Flower Petal Cake Decorations (FlowerHib-50g)

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Edible ORGANIC Hibiscus Flowers Petal - This product is GST free
  • Alternatively called Rosella Flowers
  • Natural decorative touch with colour and fragrance
  • Slight tangy taste, perfect paired with citrus flavours
  • Also good with cherries, pineapple, mint, cranberries
  • Mix with our other flower petals for a floral spring bouquet
  • Add taste, fragrance and colour to your cooking
  • Insecticide free, suitable for eating
  • Lasts for years in a dry, sealed container

This product is extremely lightweight, so you will get a lot of use out of a small pack.

We would very much enjoy seeing photos of your lovely creations.