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Cupcake Boxes and Transporters

Windowed cupcake presentation boxes for all occasions - wedding bonbonniere, market stalls, birthday parties or simply a hygenic way to display and transport your cupcakes.

Our cupcake boxes are made of a sturdy white gloss cardboard and 100% recycled PET transparent film see-through window.

All our cupcake boxes are sold with the inserts included. Our extensive range includes:

Suitable for REGULAR PATTY PAN SIZE 5cm BASE (L550)
- 1-hole Square Tall Single Cupcake Box (C14)
- 2-hole Rectangle Regular Cupcake Box (C01)
- 4-hole Square Tall Cupcake box with Circle Window (C03)
- 6-hole Rectangle Regular Cupcake Box (C02)
- 6-hole Square TALL Regular Cupcake box (C15)
- 12-hole Square TALL Cupcake box with Circle Window (C05)
- 24-hole Square TALL Cupcake Transporter (C12)

Suitable for MUFFIN PATTY PAN SIZE 5.5cm BASE (L700)
- MUFFIN 12-hole Square Tall Transporter Box (C17)
- MUFFIN 24-hole Rectangle Tall Muffin Transporter Box (C13)

Suitable for MINI PATTY PAN SIZE 3.8cm BASE (L398)
- 12-hole Mini TALL Square Cupcake box with Circle Window (C08)

Suitable for XTRA MINI PATTY PAN SIZE 3cm BASE (L360)
- 24-hole Xtra Mini TALL Square Cupcake box with Circle Window (C11)


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