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Baking Cups

We stock commercial cupcake patty pans of assorted sizes and colours, in packs of 500. Baking cups can be used for muffins, cupcakes, chocolate liners, craft patty pans etc

  • Chocolate Cups (L340) - 2.4cm base x 1.7cm wall
  • Xtra Mini / Bite Size Cupcakes (L360) - 3cm base x 2.3cm wall
  • Mini Size Cupcakes (L398) - 3.8cm base x 2.8cm wall
  • Standard Cupcake (L550) - 5cm base x 3.5cm wall
  • Muffin Case (L700) - 5.5cm base x 3.6cm wall

We have suitable cupcake boxes to fit all our cupcake baking papers.

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