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NOW 50% OFF - Cakebox With High Extender Wall (15" cube, 16" cube)

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    All Prices exGST15"/39cm CUBE - Prod: G11

    Pack of 5 =$40.75; $8.15

    Pack of 10 = $66.00; $6.60ea
    Carton of 30 = $147.00; $4.90ea
    16"/42cm CUBE - Prod: G36
    Pack of 5 =$44.75; $8.95
    Pack of 10 = $80.00; $8.00ea
    Carton of 30 = $159.00; $5.30ea


     TALL Cakebox designed for Tiered cakes

    • Gloss white cardboard cake box with separate base, lid and wall
    • Flip down base with double lock tabs so you can easily slide your cake into your box
    • Clear window at the top so that all admirers can look in on your cake in a hygenic way
    • Suitable for tall 2-3 tier cakes
    • Made of thicker cardboard
    • White extender wall is very tall (making a cube – you can always cut off the height you do not need)
    • Extender wall can be easily cut to desired height for 2 tier cakes

    Measurements of CUBE extender box:
    15" CUBE: L x W x H = 15.5" x 15.5" x 15.5" = 39cm x 39cm x 39cm; Wall Height: 39cm (Prod G11)
    16" CUBE: L x W x H = 16.5" x 16.5" x 16.5" = 42cm x 42cm x 42cm; Wall Height: 42cm (Prod G36)